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Beth Lavis

Lifestyle Transformation Coach @bethlavisfit


Personal Trainer @gymboxofficial 👉🏼


👈🏼 Sports Massage Therapist @regenerate.ldn

Advanced Nutrition Coaching

With so much variety available, social media infographics around every corner and a new fad diet popping up every month, knowing what you should and shouldn't be putting into your body can be confusing. Nutrition coaching with me provides the opportunity for everyone and anyone to gain accountability and add structure to their eating schedule, however experienced you may or may not be.

Nutrition Coaching provides a way for you to work with a professional in finding a sustainable method of eating that works for you based on your lifestyle and personal preferences whilst aiding you in reaching your goals.

This option is open to those wanting to lose body fat, gain muscle size, definition or tone, increase their strength/conditioning game, or just to increase performance in everyday life. 

What Will You Get?

- Initial ​consultation; including analysis of your body composition, nutritional diet and current lifestyle. Here, together we will talk about your wants, needs and end goals whilst devising a structured plan for you to take forward.

- 30-minutes per week check-in and analysis (1-1 or video chat).

- Tailored calories and macros for your goals.

- Unlimited support via email.

- Diet plan and supplement advice.

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