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Personal Trainer & Online Coach

Helping you build the CONFIDENCE you deserve
by providing the ACCOUNTABILITY you need
to improve your HEALTH and FITNESS.

'I help women build strength, confidence and healthy habits'

I'm on a mission to help as many women as I can feel strong, healthy and confident.

With so much information about health and fitness out in the world, it's easy to understand why many women feel overwhelmed. I want to help you, by teaching you how to achieve your goals by living a more sustainably healthy lifestyle.


Let's say goodbye to quick fix/fad diets and hello to a future with an abundance of health.

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Personal trainer doing a pull-up

'You deserve better, and I want to help'


Beth will help you to build small, every day habits to help enhance the quality of your day to day life.


Beth will provide you with a fully customised workout/training program to help you reach your goals. Whether you're already a regular gym goer, a home workout bunny or just starting your journey, Beth will program your activity with your goals and facilities in mind.


Nutrition coaching with Beth follows a fully flexible, non-restrictive protocol designed to help you continue enjoying food whilst learning how to fuel your body.


Beth will be there for you every day. You'll receive unlimited, daily support via WhatsApp as well as weekly check-in calls/videos to keep you accountable too. All clients receive their own app to log and monitor their workouts and progress throughout the journey.

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Get to know Beth and find accountability amongst a group of like-minded women with similar health and fitness goals.

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