Beth Lavis an Online Fitness Coach based in London

Online Fitness Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching is about more than Personal Training, individualised workout plans and temporary diets. It is education; I pride myself in offering the knowledge and opportunity for my clients to permanently transform their lifestyles.

As your coach, I want to help you increase confidence in all areas of your life. I will work with you to build a healthy mindset along with sustainable habits which will enhance both your personal and professional lives. 

Whilst teaching you how to move your body, lifting weights safely and effectively is a huge part of my job, an even bigger (and arguably more important) part is the work we do behind the scenes on nutrition, mindset, rest and recovery. In my experience as a coach, these are the things that will stay with you forever and ensure long term success in your goals, whatever they may be.


Being a coach has enabled me to work with so many amazing and ambitious young women. Watching them become confident and successful whilst achieving their personal and aesthetic goals has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined, and now I want to work with you to help you achieve yours.


If you're unsure and want to learn a little more from me, register interest for a free consultation call here.

Beth Lavis a female Personal Trainer based in Shoreditch, London


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Beth Lavis Fitness

Women's Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach 

Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom

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