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Really Simple: Protein Pancake Recipe

A good protein pancake recipe is a brilliant tool to have stashed in your repertoire. I'm personally not a big fan of banana and I also don't use enough egg whites to justify buying cartons of egg whites either. For this reason, it took me years to come up with a trusty recipe and process that would feed any and all of my midweek, sweet treat, cravings.


- 50g Oats (blended)

- 10g Milled Flaxseeds

- 125ml Milk of Choice

- 1 Egg (or 50g of Egg Whites)

- 20g Whey Protein Powder (flavoured to your desire)

- Low-calorie cooking spray (to cook)


- Once you've blended the oats, mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl.

- Heat your pan on a medium-low heat. It's important here that the pan isn't too hot as this will just cause the pancakes to burn on the outside and not cook all the way through. I recommend your take your time and cook your pancakes low and slow.

- Spray your pan with the low calorie cooking spray. If you're trying to increase calories for a bulk, oil/butter would be a be more appropriate here.

- Spoon your mixture into the pan. I like to have my pancakes about 1cm thick, note that the thicker the pancakes, the lower you'll want the heat to overcooking the outside.

- Cook each side of your pancake for 2-3 minutes, depending on thickness, and repeat with the remainder of your mixture.

- Serve your pancakes with toppings of your choice and enjoy.

Nutrition Information:

Note that this may vary depending on which ingredients you use.

Calories: 485

Protein: 33G

Carbohydrates: 41G

Fat: 18G

Sugar: 7G

Fibre: 9G

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Always here,

Beth x

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