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Beth Lavis

Lifestyle Transformation Coach @bethlavisfit


Personal Trainer @gymboxofficial 👉🏼


👈🏼 Sports Massage Therapist @regenerate.ldn

Lifestyle Transformation Coach

Beth Lavis

It all comes down to how much you want it. 

I'm here to remind you to keep it simple. 

I've spent the last few years developing systems to teach you how to do just that. 

If you're serious about transforming your lifestyle, I want to help you.

So, how much do you want it?



How do the workouts you perform compliment your goals?  I'll give you the best program to help you achieve these goals.


How does the activity you do on a daily basis, outside of your workouts, affect your daily calorie expenditure? I'll teach you how to increase this activity in the most natural way possible.


Learn how to effectively fuel your body both on and off the gym floor. I'll help you to understand how to increase the health, outside of decreasing your body fat percentage.


Understand how your body recovers and how sleep, food, massage, stretching and different forms of exercising have enhance the rate at which your body recovers.


How does your mindset truly affect your progress? How does being positive increase your potential for success? How can we transfer everything we learn in the gym to aid your career and lifestyle. 

"Beth is very professional in terms of designing a suitable fitness and nutrition plan according to my goals. She has been very supportive, encouraging! Absolutely love training with her! Good to mention, she is quite flexible with the session schedule, which I found very convenient!"


"Beth has pulled the short straw with me because I hate going to the gym/exercise, but despite my complaining, she's always so lovely and really motivates me to keep going. She isn't judgmental, she never tells me off, she just thinks of new things for me to do and supports me to keep going. Thanks Beth!!"


"Beth has this amazing sense of providing motivation and personal goals! Starting with her I saw progress in 2 weeks that I wasn’t getting after months of training myself. She has got me to love upper body training; something I used to avoid previously. Her workout and nutrition plans are personal and well set out for individual goals. Thanks so much Beth!"


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