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Beth Lavis a Personal Trainer and Online Coach based in Shoreditch, London
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Personal Trainer & Online Fitness Coach
Coaching women to be healthy, strong and confident.

"I'm on a mission to help women reach their healthiest, strongest and most confident selves."

I train my clients at a private Personal Training studio between Old Street and Angel in London called YourPTHub. Learn more about YourPTHub here.
For those of you not in London, or with tight schedules, I also offer online Personal Training so that you can train with me via video call from anywhere in the world.

As your Personal Trainer, I will not only teach you how to lift weights safely and effectively for your current goals, but I will also set you up with everything you need to continue progressing in your future goals. 

Sessions start from £65/hour in-person - view my pricing plans here.

My online coaching packages provide you with everything that you need to achieve success in your health and fitness goals. Do you want a more consistent workout schedule? Do you want to get strong? Do you want to feel more confident making food choices? Do you want to build muscle and/or lose body fat? Get in touch and I can help you.


I offer my clients personalised nutrition support and macro coaching, personalised and phased workout programming, weekly and monthly check-ins, technique feedback on sessions you do in your own time, as well as unlimited daily support via WhatsApp.


As my client, you'll also receive your own app to access your nutrition and workout plans from anywhere, at any time. Together, we'll schedule daily habits and track your progress throughout the duration of your journey.

Plans start from just £60/month - view my pricing plans here.

My Ladies Lifting Clubs provide a regular space each week for women to lift weights, get strong and feel fabulous; whether or not they have prior experience in lifting weights and regardless of fitness levels. At these sessions, everyone is welcome.

These Ladies Lifting Club sessions currently take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  For the full schedule and to book, visit my bookings page here.

Each of these sessions provides a sociable, small-group coaching experience. In each session, you will take part in a whole-body workout; with the aim of building solid technique, strength and confidence. 

Sessions cost just £12.50/hour PAYG - view the Lifting Club timetable and bookings here.

As a qualified Pre- & Postnatal coach with the Girls Gone Strong academy, I help women keep their and their baby's health and fitness a priority throughout the duration of their pre and postpartum journey.

If you're interested in Pre- & Postnatal coaching with me, please get in touch here. I'll reach out and arrange a consultation with you to ensure my services are right for you.

For sports massage and soft tissue therapy treatments, please get in touch here. Prices start from £70/hour, please enquire for further details.

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