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"I totally recommended Beth as per following reasons: 1. You can download some training plan online, then do it as you saw people do. But it's not the same!!!!! It's about the muscles you use, your posture, how you train and maintain a good form. Beth has an extensive knowledge about strength training."


"Beth is a great trainer & has helped me learn technique which I know I will be building on forever. I’ve also appreciated that she helps every client with technique differently, playing to our unique body strengths"


"Beth has helped me learn the core fundamentals of weight lifting, improve my form and even enhanced my nutrition (so I’m no longer hunger all the time - win)!"


"I trust that I will be safe when learning and practising her techniques even when I’m on my own. Her communication is absolutely fab and I’ve really appreciated that she takes the time to learn and remember my preferred workout style and goals too."


"Beth is an absolute dream to work with! She helped me find my love for fitness and fuelling my body and has helped my reach goals. I don't know what I would do without her!"


"Been working with Beth for almost a year and she’s been amazing and is so knowledgeable! I’ve now got the confidence and skills to go to the gym but still have sessions with Beth to maintain this."


"She's extremely knowledgeable and professional with her training and attitude. She supported my journey and helped me achieve my physical goals with a tailored workout program and unlimited advice."


"she has completely reshaped my habits and helped me create a much healthier relationship with the gym. She takes time to listen to your goals and tailors plans for you to reach them (and also adjusts them as your goals and life situation changes). Beth genuinely cares"


"Beth is very welcoming and for someone like me that hasn't had a PT before she was very friendly and helped talk us through some of the more difficult exercises as well as giving pointers during the reps"


"Working with Beth has truthfully changed my life... Beth is incredibly attentive and ensures that you know your workouts properly - knowing exactly what each movement is doing for your body rather than just briefly explaining a movement."


"Beth is absolutely wonderful, not only as a training coach, more like a friend always gives support and take care of me... I feel so lucky to choose the right person to guide me through the whole process"


"Beth is a really motivational and wonderful PT who not only cares and focuses on your goals but also takes into account your exercise experience"


"Beth is a fabulous PT and although I may have undone a little of our hard work together she has taught me so much about training and nutrition that getting back on track will be so much easier."


"I love that it's all about making genuinely sustainable changes. Her approach is totally tailored to each individual, and so far I've learnt so much from her but also really enjoy how supportive she has been."


"Beth is amazing - she is always there to answer my questions (and random voice notes!). Training with her has been so good, and my only complaint is that she’s coached me well enough that I can train without her."


"I’ve absolutely loved training with Beth. As well as being approachable and friendly she has pushed me to achieve goals I didn’t think my body was capable of. Every session is fun, varied and flies by!"

Hiu Tung

"Beth is very professional in terms of designing a suitable fitness and nutrition plan according to my goals. She has been very supportive, encouraging! Absolutely love training with her!"


"Beth has enabled me to work on strength goals I didn't even think were possible (e.g. having been told I would never be able to squat/deadlift.)"


"Beth has been amazing to work with. So knowledgeable and so kind, supportive and a wonderful person to work with. She's always there when you need her, there is never a silly question."


"Beth was kind, supportive and committed. She never forgot to check in,was great at finding out what was driving me and helped me use it to keep going and she was brilliant at getting me to achieve things I didn’t think I would."


"Beth is a friendly and encouraging PT. I had a fantastic trial session with her where I asked her to go through some lifts that I lacked confidence with. She was very reassuring and I feel like my technique has significantly improved!"


"She is like my comfort blanket and I know that I have achieved so much in the last three months because of her endless support. Between that and her constant contact the confidence I now have in the gym is far beyond anything i could imagine."


"She's one of the nicest and most helpful PTs I think I've met in a long time. She is genuinely invested in her clients which is something that other PTs haven't made me feel."


"She was encouraging and helped me to branch out what I was doing in the gym. The results have been amazing and I’ve seen huge progression in my weights and general confidence being around the gym."


"I feel really lucky that I have found Beth to be my PT. She perfectly understands my needs and she has created the best training. I feel excited to go to the gym every and I miss her when I cannot go !"


"Beth has been absolutely fabulous. I’ve fallen in love with food again and lost enough weight to put me into remission with my medical condition. I can’t fault her or the service she provides, she’s always there to support you"


"Beth has been very professional and super encouraging during our training. Also really caring to keep me on track of my individual goals"
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