Client Testimonials

Anh - Personal Training Client

"My journey with Beth started in 8 Jan 2019. I started with a 3 months - 3 sessions per week then extended this to 2 sessions per week until Sept. In Oct (final month )- we had 1 session per week Honestly I don't know what should I say in here. Training with Beth changed me! I totally recommended Beth as per following reasons: 1. You can download some training plan online, then do it as you saw people do. But it's not the same!!!!! It's about the muscles you use, your posture, how you train and maintain a good form. Beth has an extensive knowledge about strength training. She used to learn how to dance so she knows to to move the body parts. She will also teach you how to recover and take care of your body. During 10 months, I have changed my goal from aesthetics to functionality. Beth was there to help me every steps of the way. 2. She is genuine, positive and always want what is best for you. She is always focus on the long term goal - both physically and mentally. She push you to do your best and expand your capacity. 3. Beth is accountable! She takes this job seriously and professionally. She always expands her knowledge & experience in heath, diet, fitness and physical wellbeing. When you have decided your fitness journey with Beth, you can trust that she is credible and wanting to help you achieve your best. She is on time, bring the best of herself to serve her clients, putting the focus on themselves. In summary, Beth is a great PT and I was so glad to have picked her among many other PTs. The onlyyyy thing is... Beth won't count your reps. So you have to count for yourself!!!"

Mabel - Personal Training Client

"Beth is absolutely wonderful, not only as a training coach, more like a friend always gives support and take care of me. My fitness journey started four months ago and my life has changed positively in many ways, coming to understand what exactly a healthy active lifestyle means to me personally, and I feel so lucky to choose the right person to guide me through the whole process, push me to be stronger and stronger in physical strength and mental mind, more importantly to cheer me up when I was having my downs."

Megan - Personal Training Client

"Beth is a really motivational and wonderful PT who not only cares and focuses on your goals but also takes into account your exercise experience. As a dancer who trained for three years, what I love about the way Beth works is that she doesn't waste time explaining body alignment to me as she knows I know my body. Instead she pushes me fully and uses key words to allow me to improve. Its an intelligent and wonderful way of training that is perfectly suited to my way of working out. Would fully recommend"

Michelle - Personal Training Client

"Beth is very professional in terms of designing a suitable fitness and nutrition plan according to my goals. She has been very supportive, encouraging! Absolutely love training with her! Good to mention, she is quite flexible with the session schedule, which I found very convenient!"

Sophie - Personal Training Client

"I’ve absolutely loved training with Beth. As well as being approachable and friendly she has pushed me to achieve goals I didn’t think my body was capable of. Every session is fun, varied and flies by! In addition to the actual training, Beth is very knowledgeable about all things health, fitness and nutrition related and I’ve already learnt so much from her. I thoroughly recommend than anyone considering training with Beth books in for a session asap!"

Stephanie - Online Coaching Client

"Beth is the most amazing coach. I was very skeptical about online coaching but I am so delighted that I did it. After trying on my own for a few months and struggling to come up with routines of my own and stealing Beth's I decided it was time to sign up to the plan. It has been hands down the best decision I made. My plan was set for my own personal goals so very individual and not the same generic plans you get elsewhere. It isn't easy being so far away but the video clips to show correct form really helped and i still revert back to them. She is like my comfort blanket and I know that I have achieved so much in the last three months because of her endless support. Between that and her constant contact the confidence I now have in the gym is far beyond anything i could imagine. I highly recommend signing up to the online plan if you can't get down to train 1-1. Thank you Beth for everything and you can guarantee that once I've hit my 6 month goal i'll be back for more."

Harriet - Personal Training Client

"I came to Beth as I wanted a personal trainer to help me with fat loss, nutrition advice and lifting technique. I have always been to the gym and tried to watch what I eat but have stayed the same size (55kg and I’m 5 foot 4) for about 2 years.

For the first 4 weeks, Beth had a plan and guided me though better lifting technique and worked with me to fix my nutrition. She dispelled my myth that “carbs are bad” and that I needed to be in the gym 5/6 times a week.
Working with Beth as a coach, I have lost fat whilst eating well. I have a better balance in my life as I look after my nutrition ever day (not just dieting during the week and going nuts at the weekend!), allowing for meals out and drinks. In 10 weeks I feel I’ve achieved what I wanted, and I’m happy I have the building blocks to create my own plans and understand how my exercise and eating presents itself in my physique.

Beth is amazing - she is always there to answer my questions (and random voice notes!). Training with her has been so good, and my only complaint is that she’s coached me well enough that I can train without her. Next year we will have fewer sessions a month together, but I’m excited to see my results after the next 10 weeks."

Cherelle - Personal Training Client

Better late than never. Where do I start, Beth is a fabulous PT and although I may have undone a little of our hard work together she has taught me so much about training and nutrition that getting back on track will be so much easier. Beth taught me to keep on going and never give up even at times where I thought I wasn’t making progress she reminded me how far I’ve come.

I enjoy Beth’s style of training and nutrition as it isn’t restrictive but you still get results and for me this is the best style of training I have had and it works for me and I think that is also one of her strong points that she is able to really tailor a programme to you. I also have a medical condition and even when I hadn’t started training with Beth she always messaged me so she could be updated and amend my programme should she need to. She understood me as a client and it wasn’t just about changing my body but also changing my confidence and outlook to my lifestyle. I will definitely miss Beth and I highly recommend her if you want serious life changing results. I can’t wait to get myself back into training and adapt everything she has taught me, she has left me confident enough that I will be able to achieve what I want even if she is not around. Thanks so much Beth. Xx

Maddy - Personal Training Client

Beth has been a great coach. I came to her last year in April and with her mentorship, guidance and coaching over 10 months, she has completely reshaped my habits and helped me create a much healthier relationship with the gym. She takes time to listen to your goals and tailors plans for you to reach them (and also adjusts them as your goals and life situation changes). Beth genuinely cares about clients and does her hardest to support every single one. I feel fit and strong like I never have before and I've stayed on track! I would recommend her for anyone looking for a trainer that will be there with you every step of the way!

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