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Personal Training


Who's it for?

I work with a wide range of individuals from absolute beginners to seasoned athletes. I describe my services as especially great if:

- You want to add a bit more movement into your life

- You need some accountability to be consistent with your workouts

- You'd like to explore strength, resistance training and/or building muscle

- You have an injury and/or niggles that you'd like to address
- You're interested in losing some body fat and becoming overall healthier

What do I offer?


As an experienced Personal Trainer and competitive Powerlifter, I pride myself in educating my clients on building strength and confidence, both inside and outside of the gym. Although I have a women's specialist qualification, I work with both men and women, helping my clients build habits that will allow them to live full and happy lives outside of their workouts.


I ensure that all of my clients feel comfortable in their sessions, helping them find a style of exercise they can enjoy while working toward their long-term goals. If you don't want to do something, you don't have to, there is always an alternative.

'Exercise should be enjoyed regularly as a part of a healthy lifestyle.'

Where do I work?


Personal Training is available at the following locations:

What qualifications do I have?
- Personal Training,

- Women's Specialist Coaching,

- Sports Nutrition,

- Sports and Remedial Massage,

- Pre/Post Natal Training

You can view a full list of details here. 

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