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Is a lack of time your problem?

As a coach, a common excuse I hear is ‘I don’t have time’.

I get it, life's busy. It's hard to make time for things outside of work, family and friends.

But honestly, is a lack of time really the reason you haven't yet achieved that goal you set back in January?

It's been a crazy year. 

In January we were all made aware of the coronavirus. Most of us didn't think twice about it at the time, it was just another flu, right?

Clearly not. 

8 months later, we've gone through national lockdown, several regional lockdowns, most of us are still working from home and a lot of us still not back at our gyms. 

For the first time, in well, as long as I know, we were all given just a little bit more time. Whether it be time saved whilst you were on furlough, not having to travel into work, shopping only once a week instead of every day, getting everything delivered via amazon prime because the shops were all closed, or because pubs/restaurants were closed and you couldn't visit friends/family, one things for sure - we all got given a little bit of time.

So, why have you still not achieved your goal?

I'll tell you. 

Your goal is probably not your goal. 

I'll give you an example from experience. 

Many times, when clients begin working with me they’re miserable because they lack confidence in their body and believe that getting the ideal body fat percentage/weight on the scale is the answer to their problems.

Sometimes, they’re right. They decrease their body fat/scale weight, their confidence increases and we’re all dandy.

But a lot of the time (more often than not), a few weeks in, they experience a mindset shift. It no longer becomes about losing body fat/getting a bigger bum. They fall in love with the process. They fall in love with having a purpose!

I want you to fall in love with having a purpose.

So this weekend, I want you to have a bit of a think. What is it you've been working toward, and why isn't it currently working for you? At the end of the day, if you wanted it (just like last years holiday and/or the car you've been saving up for), you'd be working for it!

If you need anything, you know where I am.

If you need anything, you know where I am! Always here,

Beth x

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